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Your Guide to Starting Over

The marriage you thought you’d be in “til death do us part” is now behind you. Life as you’ve known it is over. You’re free to move on; to create a new life for yourself.   

Are you ready to leave the past in the past? After years of sharing your home, your bed, your life, with hopes and dreams of happily ever after, you might feel sad coming home to an empty house, having no one to share the details of your day, no de facto emergency contact.   

Karina, an expert in relationship and style makeovers, will take you from where you’ve let off with the attorneys, therapists, and divorce coaches to help you clear your canvas so you can design an irresistible future; better than you can imagine. 

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Sensuality & Intimacy: Turn Up the Temperature

It's not a surprise that most of us lack information and support when it comes to our sensuality and intimacy, as these more intimate subjects are not taught in school, nor do most of us learn about them at home. This, and the fact that our culture considers these subjects taboo, make it important to find a mentor who will make you feel comfortable talking about the uncomfortable. That’s where Karína comes in. Her disarming and quick-witted style will have you laughing and enjoying even the most edgy conversations, while leaning to have a way better time. She works up close and personally with couples, and will work virtually with both couples and singles.

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Getting Current:Clear Your Canvas Project

Your past relationship might be over, but are you over it and ready to move on? If you don't take the time to become complete with your past relationships, you risk repeating your past mistakes. Karína will walk you through her powerful 7-step process to help you release the past, resulting in a clean canvas. Then you'll be open for new possibilities.


• Identify what past relationships still have a “grip” on your emotions

• Help you realize the cost of dragging along the past

• Learn to savor all that WAS pleasurable 

• Release what was NOT pleasurable

• Powerful forgiveness practice toward yourself and all involved (let yourself off the hook!)

• Give thanks for all the good and for the lessons learned

• Feel prepared and ready to design your next chapter.

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Your Personal Style Makeover ~

Clothing, Confidence & Charisma:

A style makeover can be just the magic antidote for someone who has just completed a divorce. How they perceived themselves before is over. Dress like a winner and the world will treat you like one! Your body language, eye contact, how you shake hands, the way you carry yourself all play a part in your ability to connect intimately and authentically. Whether you need a few new items to spruce up your current wardrobe or are starting fresh with a whole new look, you’re guaranteed to feel your very best by the time you’ve completed this process with Karina. Consider a full inside out makeover to assist you in starting your new life feeling and looking like a fresh, beautiful version of yourself. Since you don’t get a second change to make that great first impression you better make it count! This process can be done remotely or in person.

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Clarify Your Deepest Desires; Design Your

Next Relationship

When it comes to intimate relationships, everyone is unique, with distinctive preferences as well as deal breakers. Getting clear about about your desires is key. Together, you and Karína will figure out exactly what are your non- negotiables, your deal breakers, and your preferences. Then you'll make a plan to manifest a relationship with these elements in place. This module encompasses your physical, sensual, spiritual, emotional, fiscal, entertainment/vacation, living arrangement, and overall life style choices for your next relationship. If you're ready to roll up your sleeves and truly ask for what you desire, this process is for you! When it's time to start dating, Karína will help you choose the best approach for you. This can include choosing a matchmaker or deciding which online dating sites will serve you. Karína will help you navigate the entire process.

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Trust & Deliberate Communication

Once you are clear about what you desire, you then need to learn how to express them. Since the biggest sex organ is the brain, communication is key! Most relationships fall apart due to breakdowns in communication, no matter how much love there is. Karína will share the best deliberate communication tools that work to get you what you desire every time, from the boardroom to the bedroom.  A.R.T.Ful Communication™ will make all your relationships work more smoothly, both personal and professional. This info is for you, whether you’re divorced, widowed, single, or in a committed partnership. Perfect topic for Karína to address in a group setting, allowing friends/colleagues to deepen their connections.

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How to Thrive After Divorce ~for Women Only

Almost half of all first marriages end in divorce. And since statistics prove that second and third marriages are destined for divorce 60-70% of the time, might it make sense to learn new skillsets in order to avoid becoming a stat? There ARE women who THRIVE after divorce -- women who are excited to wake up, who feel connected to their passions and soul purpose, who feel like they can FINALLY start the life they’ve always dreamed of, and who are NO LONGER held back by their past relationships. Women who are able to attract a healthy, juicy new relationship. The first thing I want to tell you is -- You’re not alone.  Ready to dive in? Start here with my free webinar: What Women Who Thrive After Divorce Know that Women Who Still Struggle Don't.

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Hi, I’m

Karína J.Solomon.

I'm the author of Sexy, Sassy & Starting Over.

As  a seasoned relationship, intimacy and style makeover guide, I help my clients recreate their lives after divorce, breakup, or widowhood, congruent with their deepest needs and desires. 

It is my life’s mission to empower both men and women to express their authentic, unadulterated selves.

My insatiable appetite for learning, led to my studies with various personal development teachers and training programs beginning in my late twenties. Some of these include Landmark Worldwide and Energy for Success.

It was in my mid 30’s when I attended my first introductory evening to tantra intimacy intimacy. During this experience, I had an epiphany that opened the door to working with several influential relationship, tantra, and intimacy experts including Charles and Caroline Muir, Margot Anand, The Institute for Human Abilities (formerly Morehouse), David Deida, among others.

Working as a coach with The Women’s Leadership Program and then my studies with The Coach’s Training Institute (CTI) rounded out my coaching skillsets.

What sets my services apart from other relationship and intimacy coaches is my ability to fuse lifestyle and image makeover strategy into my consulting practices. I’m confident that a new look can be the perfect prescription to starting over after divorce or any huge life transition. However, my work as an image consultant has never been only about the clothes, but rather about showing my clients how to present themselves congruent with how they wish to be perceived as they recreate themselves, particularly after divorce. 

All of the above plus going through my own divorce, coupled with over three decades offering style and lifestyle makeovers for both men and women in various stages of reinvention, add up to my knowing how to be a guide for others starting over, particularly after divorce or widowhood.

I met my former spouse at an event in the tantra community less than two years after . Together we continued our studies to enhance our intimacy. We traveled the world, lived communally, and ultimately, though still respecting and loving one another immensely, after 17 years we concluded it was time to part ways and did so amicably. To this day we remain great friends, and I’m delighted to be called Grammy by my stepson’s adorable 2 and 5 year old boys. Spending time with them is one of the joys in my life.

If you find yourself reading this page, I imagine you might be going through a life transition. My mission is to guide you into a thriving and better than you can imagine next chapter. Let's connect!

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Explore My Book:

Sexy, Sassy and Starting Over Available Now!

Sexy, Sassy, and Starting Over!


provides concise directions to a better, more romantic, fulfilling life after divorce. This relationship cookbook holds the ingredients to a bolder, sweet and savory life. Come to this ‘dinner party’ and find yourself whisked to a delicious place where balance, love, and passion returns to the menu. Here you will find tasty honest love and simply scrumptious recipes for making quick change after divorce. Karína prepares a quick read that brings the flavors of relationship success in a single sitting. If you’re looking for the ingredients and recipe to decorate your life with invigorated direction, passion, and fresh honest relationships – this is your book.


Authentic, genuine client feedback

Paul Repicky, PhD

Professor & Grandpa

Ann Butterfield, RN, BSN

I am a 51 year old business woman from San Diego. Having been married and divorced twice, I wanted to be empowered to make better choices for myself. Through the coaching I received from Karína I have attracted a wonderful man. Karína is down-to-earth, nonjudgmental yet powerful and full of love and wisdom. I've used Karína’s A.R.T.Full™ Communication tool to help me make requests without being demanding or threatening. At one point when my man and I were snuggling, I wasn’t thrilled with how softly he was touching me, as it tickled. Rather than saying what I didn’t like or being directive about how he should do it differently, I told him I Appreciated him wanting me to feel good. Then I Requested for him to please touch me with more pressure as it turned me on…then I Thanked him. Definitely a win-win for both of us!

Sharon M

When Sharon and I began our work together, she was in her mid 30’s and in a relationship with a man she really cared for. She came to me for guidance in getting clear about whether or not to move forward into a deeper commitment with him

Together we created Sharon’s list of criteria including her must haves and subsequent deal breakers. I asked if she and her guy had talked about creating a family together. She told me he was clear about not wanting to have children, yet she wasn’t so sure.

We talked it through, clarifying her life's vision which did include wanting to be a mom. Even though she cared deeply for her partner, they simply didn’t want the same things. She broke off the relationship that very night.

Less than a year later I was thrilled to receive a call from her letting me know she’d fallen in love with a man who could think of nothing better than to raise a family with her. They now have two lovely little girls.

Sharon not only got clear, but also was willing to ask for what she wanted.

Will & Maria

IT & Cosmotology

“When our marriage was suffering from a lack of connection, intimacy, and a lot of fighting and frustration between us, Karína helped us develop techniques and practices to reconnect, hear each other and be heard, as well as to discover ways to rekindle our intimacy. She helped us to “complete” on our past issues, using several very powerful processes making it possible for us to get present with one another in a way we hadn’t been in ages. Marriage is hard work, and my wife and I are very different people from very different backgrounds; like any pair of connected humans, we don’t always agree. However, thanks to our work with Karína , we have powerful tools that help us to get past bitterness, defensiveness and resentment, and move forward with loving, careful, kind communication.”

Michelle & Rob

Retired in Baja, California

“When my husband and I first got together almost a decade ago, I had two teenagers that weren't happy about him and thus were disrespectful causing stress in our relationship. Karína taught us several communication tools that helped us as a new blended family. Now my kids are thriving out on their own and we continue to use the tools Karína taught us which serves us to endlessly deepen our relationship. So grateful!"



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